New Coffee Shop

Basic Information

Almost all coffee shop that can serve freshly brewed arabica coffee such as hot american is eligible to be listed here.

We have the right to reject a submission that we think is not suitable for us.


For business that we can search on Google Maps.

Just search for the business name to submit the place. Please make sure it's the same business.

For mobile business / not registered with Google.

Search for the nearest place to zoom in faster and then drag the marker to the exact location.

Info for Muslim

This information is very important to Muslim. If you are not the owner, please fill it in only if you are sure about the status. Just leave it blank if you don't know.

If you have halal certification, please contact us through our Instagram so that we can manually tag you.


Other Tags

With more information, we can help our coffee lovers to find the right place for their coffee

Social Media

It will help our fellow friends to see what is on the menu, the beautiful photos, the story or if it is even open right now.